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Insiso Develops Web Delivered Vision Restoration Therapy

NovaVision’s mission is to improve the vision of their patients with neurological visual impairments and enhance the quality of life for their patients and their families.  Insiso has worked with NovaVision over the last few years to develop a portfolio of FDA registered web-delivered therapy and diagnostic products for vision disorders resulting from a Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).



The central component of the cloud-based system architecture developed for NovaVision is the NovaVision portal, which maintains all patient information whilst allowing both physicians and clinicians to interrogate the results generated by the desktop therapy programs. Patient progression through the therapy program is updated in real-time which allows for pro-active support from NovaVision’s patient services team.

Due to the fact that the products are primarily used by patients with substantial vision impairment, the design of the interfaces, notifications and functionality have been tailored in order to accommodate the overall therapy experience. This has included the introduction of both textual, audio and video guidance for each significant step of the therapy program.

Insiso has facilitated automated synchronisation of application updates through use of Microsoft Click Once technology and secure data transfer via the development of bespoke NovaVision Web API services catering for each of the therapy program data models whilst also establishing rigid security principles and licensing restrictions.

As well as developing applications for use within the retail environment, Insiso has provisioned variations of the therapy programs and database portal for deployment within private medical centers in the United States.

The two main NovaVision therapy programs developed by Insiso for NovaVision are:

  • NeuroEyeCoach (NEC) – Vision Compensation Therapy
  • Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT)


NeuroEyeCoach (NEC) – Vision Compensation Therapy

Using saccadic training, patients are trained to rapidly and continuously scan their surroundings in order to direct their gaze toward the blind field, bringing the previously unseen objects within their sighted field. NovaVision’s NeuroEyeCoach re-trains a patient to move their eyes, re-integrate left and right vision and to make the most of their remaining visual field. NovaVision provides its internet-delivered, at-home computer based NeuroEyeCoach in a therapy suite with its complementary VRT vision restoration therapy as well as on it own.




The therapy comprises pre-therapy tests, followed by 36 training sessions, each lasting 15–20 minutes and some of which may need to be repeated depending on progress, and concludes with post-therapy tests. We recommend patients perform up to 2-6 sessions for a maximum of 2 hours a day, and for a minimum of 3 days a week, and so the entire program can be completed in between 2–4 weeks.

Click the following link to find out more about NeuroEyeCoach (NEC) – Vision Compensation Therapy.


Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT)

This is the only therapy that provides actual improvement in the range or sensitivity of the patient’s field of vision. NovaVision’s VRT repeatedly activates dormant neurons that do not function properly in areas of partial injury (“transition zones”), strengthening the residual vision and neuronal networks. Repetitive stimulation has proven effective in the recovery of other functions such as movements of lower limbs after stroke. NovaVision provides its internet-delivered, at-home computer based VRT in a therapy suite with its complementary NeuroEyeCoach vision compensation therapy.




VRT is performed on a computer at home twice daily, six days a week for six months. During each session, patients focus on a central point displayed on the screen and responds every time they see light stimuli appear elsewhere on the screen.

The light stimuli are presented in the transition zone, and the therapy is monitored and changed monthly by NovaVision Clinical Staff as therapy progresses and vision is improved. Patients are advised to take breaks during therapy and to take one day off per week.

Click the following link to find out more about Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT).


Insiso continues to develop, enhance and provide global support for NovaVision’s therapy programs in the United States and progressively towards forthcoming deployments within the UK and the EU.