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Tracepass FAQs

Earlier this month, Insiso and STC Global announced a collaboration to launch employee screening app, Tracepass.

In this article, Arrash Nekonam, Managing Director of Insiso and Mark Rushton, Managing Director of STC Global answer FAQ’s about the app. If you would like more information or if you are interested in implementing Tracepass into your business, please get in touch via the dedicated website

What is Tracepass?

Tracepass is our secure mobile application and real-time dashboard designed to allow employers to screen their employees effectively in the workplace to mitigate risks.

How does it work?

Tracepass is a simple-to-use mobile-friendly screening application (app) used to determine if an employee is safe to enter their workplace. Employees report daily to their company’s response group via series of questions (e.g. are you experiencing any of these symptoms?). It is also configured to be aligned with corporate policies and government regulations.

How is employee data managed and collected?

Employers can define their own screening criteria which is then presented to the employee via the app in the form of a series of simple questions. Employee answers are assessed on the device then an outcome of pass or fail is recorded in the central platform for that specific day. By using the secure real-time reporting dashboard, employers can quickly see who should and should not report to work and can monitor their key workers and their risks across multiple worksites and even different demographics.

How did Insiso and STC collaborate to create Tracepass?

Insiso and STC have been partners in development of a number of digital solutions and initiatives, so it felt natural to pursue a response to the immediate need for employee screening together. By combining the problem-solving capabilities of STC Global and the technical innovation capability of Insiso, we felt an opportunity was identified for us to tackle a growing problem. The problem became apparent through mutual clients voicing concern on employees returning to work and the management of that process now and moving forward, which prompted the thinking behind the eventual development of the Tracepass platform.

How will Tracepass change the workplace for the better when it comes to identifying risk?

Tracepass offers both the employer and employee peace of mind to know that necessary procedures are in place and employee health is assessed on a regular basis to ensure that everyone is safe within their respective workplace. It allows for organisations to make pro-active decisions to avoid situations that may have often resulted in costly knee-jerk reactions. Tracepass ensures that an organisation can effectively demonstrate and validate their duty of care to their workforce and the wider society by harnessing real-time analytics that could assist with travel management, absenteeism, and mental health and wellbeing.

As managing risk becomes more prevalent, is Tracepass suitable for every workplace?

We believe Tracepass is suitable for any workplace as long as there is an opportunity for the workforce to use their smartphone to engage in the daily screening process, no organisation is too small or too big to obtain benefit from utilising the service.

How do we start using Tracepass?

Using Tracepass is simply a matter of registering an account, selecting the appropriate plan based on team size and issuing a notice to the workforce to download the Tracepass app from the respective app stores. There is a small administrative step to ensure that the organisation has configured their screening criteria, disclaimer, and advisory messaging to align with their corporate HSE and HR policies at which point they are ready to roll!