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Insiso Software DevelopmentThoughts & Theory Then and Now: Modern Programming

Then and Now: Modern Programming

For a long time, professional computer programming was a very select field; an occupation held by only a few who were often stigmatised by popular culture. Everyone knows the stereotype of the basement-dwelling programmer, staring vegetatively at the screen while a Matrix-esque river of code falls. Despite this, this was rarely (if ever) the case. Many a retro computer owner spent an hour or more inputting lines of primitive code into the first home computers, often for a comparatively minor effect compared to today’s computers. However, the feeling of joy gained when your program FINALLY works after so long spent debugging was the same then as it is now.

Programming, both software and web, is one of the fastest expanding roles in the IT industry as the demand for bespoke and original software rises and as global commercialism goes internet and mobile based. Of course, a high demand for programs means a high demand for programmers, which are sometimes a limited resource. Thus, companies like Insiso have taken the path that they have with myself, taking people on as Modern Apprentices. Through the modern apprentice scheme, companies get to play a part in the making of a new generation of modern programmers, who have the skills to keep up with the fastest changing industry in the world, IT.

So here I am, with a pen in one hand and a list of things I’ll learn in my time with Insiso in the other, with my mind set to the future and promises of fluent coding by the end. The prospect of working with a dynamic and modern company is exciting, if a little daunting. I look forward to starting to work on projects, and seeing my apps through to the end.

And if we can change the image of programmers from half-dead screen-zombies to normal, well-educated people, then all the better!