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Insiso Ltd, Provender House, 37 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen AB11 5BS

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The Story So Far

It’s a good time to reflect where we came from, what we set out to achieve, where we are now and the direction we are heading towards as an organisation.

Insiso was originally set up to be an innovative software development company, using their very latest technology to deliver the most effective software solutions.

We have been fortunate enough to participate in projects locally, nationally and internationally across a wide variety of industries from the energy sector to the medical, legal and public sectors as well. From the development and delivery of global Health & Safety systems, to bespoke Quality Management Systems, Web Delivered Neurological Therapy, Construction Management and mobile Inspection applications, we have seen it all. This has presented us with many challenges working with users, within organisations, of different capabilities, requirements and objectives.

One thing that has been common place, throughout all the projects we have participated in, has been our determination and drive to come up with the answer to the unsolvable problems.  The playing field is not the same as it once was, everything aspect of software has now been heightened and therefore additional considerations have to be made for security, design, usability, deployment and maintenance.

We have to admit, it has not always been plain sailing, but the key outcome in each case has been to ensure that lessons are learned and the appropriate action is taken the next time around to mitigate the inherent risks of the project.