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Insiso Software DevelopmentProjects Street Crane – Global Crane Estimate & Manufacturing System

Street Crane – Global Crane Estimate & Manufacturing System

After a number of years in development Insiso is proud to announce that we have in collaboration with our client Street Crane Company Limited, launched an advanced web-based crane estimating system which allows Street Crane to offer an interface for their global distributors to produce crane design estimates adhering to both British and American standards.

The application allows the end-user to define the requirements for a specific crane kit in terms of the perceived loads and height of lift, required spans etc. which results in a recommendation/calculation engine assembling a series of parts from an inventory of components which will satisfy the requirements outlined whilst adhering to standards.  In addition Insiso produced a series of advanced drawing modules which allowed for the instant creation of scale and non-scale CAD drawings for the custom crane design and associated components which can be effectively used both for sales and manufacturing purposes.



Key features of the application developed by Insiso include:

  • Crane designed and each component selected to suit exact building details and customer application needs.
  • Scaled general arrangement drawings are produced in Autocad compatible format, based on inputs and selections.
  • Non scaled drawing produced for initial discussion purposes in pdf format.
  • Full kit of parts produced and saved, projects can be amended and re-run in future if necessary.
  • Summary and Quotation produced in MS Excel format, fully editable for inclusion onto distributor’s quotation.

Insiso continues to support and maintain the new system post launch and we are looking forward to tackling the many challenges that lie ahead in terms of the advancements which Street Crane wish to make to accelerate the platform in order to establish themselves as the leading innovators in the industry.