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Insiso Ltd, Provender House, 37 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen AB11 5BS

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Software Development

In order to deliver a fully qualified software development service, we adhere to key principles and processes to guarantee delivery of the highest quality and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Our software engineering process collects and translates business requirements into innovative technical solutions through custom software development.

We provide a full spectrum of development services, including core business applications and back-office IT solutions which help give our clients the competitive advantage.

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At Insiso, we believe that client communication is of paramount importance, and we pride ourselves in our approach to client relations. We believe that it is essential for the client to feel as though they are getting a personal service, and we do not want to be a ‘faceless’ company.

Whilst liaising with clients we are flexible in our approach to correspondence.  We aim to respond to all emails in a timely fashion, and partake in regular meetings through Skype or via telephone if required by the client.

Cutting Edge Technology

Agile Development

To complement our development approach we provide a real-time issue tracking system for our clients to track progress, post feedback and issues for us to resolve based on the testing which has been carried out.

We do carry out rigorous internal testing however we want our development visible to the client to ensure that we have captured the requirements correctly, this is extremely important to us as we want to ensure that what is finally delivered is exactly what you were looking for, down to the very detail.

Software Development

Continuous Build

We hold the strong belief that our clients should be able to watch their application grow day by day. This essentially means we provide a set of live externally accessible instances of the application during the development process.

This allows early visibility for our clients to helps us determine that we are on the right path from day one as early feedback will help us make corrections as we go along, also this gives you confidence that work is progressing and that the development has the right amount of velocity which you expect.