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New Website Launched

Finally after deliberating for quite some time we have launched our new website which sets out a new platform for us to present our company and keep everyone up to date with the daily operations.  Due to the fact that the company has gone through a period of intense project delivery we have been unable to keep our own marketing materials up to date.  My plan is to change all of this for 2014 and get our message out there amongst the rest.

In order to describe where we are going as a company the best place to start with is probably my original vision for the company.  This essentially began with a passion for technology and how technology can be used to enhance experiences, optimise business processes and generally improve our daily lives. Tough economic times are not the time to cut back on innovation. Unless you really want to compete on price you need to continue to innovate to drive performance, growth and profitability when the economy improves.

Software development, more recently applicable to the design of web applications, has evolved rapidly from the original “geeky command line” type interfaces to the delivery of enhanced user experiences which actually go beyond the application to affect how the user feels about using the system and the satisfaction they gain from it. An important aspect of this is not only the usability of the system but also the overall presentation and methods of content delivery. I guess this leads me to my main point which is the fact that I see this company’s focus on delivering products and services which maximise, at every opportunity, the user experience. We want to deliver the “wow factor” every time, although realistically this may be difficult in some cases depending on the context of the application but I guess that’s where creativity comes in to play.

In addition to this, I feel a personal responsibility in trying to change the perception of others with regards to the software development industry in general. Apart from a few key players, there are a lot of development firms out there delivering “quick-fix” or “cheap” solutions which just barely tick the boxes of the customer’s requirements, with no intention of going the extra mile, and if there is the intention there is always a big fat hike in the rates to go along with it. I always try to position us in their shoes, let’s look at the project from the client’s perspective, if I was sitting across the table, what would I expect as a service from this company?

My fundamental message in all of this is that running a software development business for me is not just an organisation that makes profit and smiles about it but a company which can be proud of its achievements and technical innovations. We want to hear things like “the efficiency of your system has cut down my operational costs”, “this application so good I just love using it”, “all my friends are telling me they love my website”. It’s these kind of messages that give you that “warm feeling” inside, gives you the motivation to constantly learn, improve and grow with a view to delivering even more creative and innovative solutions in the future.