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Marex Marine DP Trials

The Operation

For over 20 years, Marex Marine and Risk Consultancy has served the oil and gas industry with highly specialised marine, engineering, safety management and risk personnel.

Operating internationally from their head office in Aberdeen, they provide marine assurance and warranty services, DP trials, safety cases and human factors assessments to a wide range of clients including vessel owners, operators, rig owners and oil majors.

Marex Marine required a mobile solution which would allow their inspectors to conduct DP trials aboard vessels using tablets, and then submit the results and findings to a central server, which would automatically compile the necessary DP Trials report.

By automating the inspection process and subsequent report generation, Marex would effectively streamline their operations and standardise the service delivery to vessel owners.

The Challenge

Marex Marine are required to carry out annual dynamic positioning to prove that their client’s vessel DP systems are operating as expected in the FMEA. The trials can be time-consuming to prepare and implement, and often take place under duress, due to a sense of urgency from the vessel’s charterers, who are keen to know the results as soon as possible.

A solution that would streamline and improve the process was needed. The end goal would be preparing for the trials and reporting the results to the vessel in a timely manner, so as to ensure that both the vessel’s charterers and our client’s requirements are met as efficiently as possible.

The fundamental technical challenge surrounding the solution was whether personnel would be able to operate the tablet device aboard the vessel in the absence of connectivity or communications being in place. The inspector would need to be able to perform the inspection in this disconnected state, but still be in a position to transfer data back to the central system upon reconnection.

The Solution

Insiso developed a two-part software solution consisting of an online database to help us prepare for the trials well in advance, and a digital tablet application that can be used to log real-time results whilst the trials are taking place. These results are then uploaded to the database, and a report is available as soon as connectivity allows it.

The solution architecture featured a mobile API component deployed as a Microsoft Azure App Service which would interface with an Azure SQL database service. A mobile tablet application was developed which would maintain its own local database for offline data storage of DP trial data, with the ability to synchronize the trial data sets to the Azure service platform.

The Result

Insiso initially provided a set of visual mock-up designs of the entire user application flow, which was accepted by Marex and used as the design basis for the full development. The remaining development was completed over a period of 3 months, with continuous engagement and feedback from key Marex stakeholders, to the point that the application is now in the process of production deployment and roll-out.

Insiso fully understood the challenge and were able to use their expertise to provide Marex Marine with the optimal user-friendly solution.