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Insiso Software DevelopmentThoughts & Theory Everyone Should Learn To Program

Everyone Should Learn To Program

It may seem like a strange statement to make but the notion is becoming more of a reality as technology develops and the entire world becomes reliant on software for all of our business and personal needs.  I believe everyone should learn to program or at least have the knowledge to understand what is possible with modern software in order to develop solutions to solve everyday problems in everyday life.

It is alarming how far behind our global education system is with the rapid evolution of the software technology industry, conventional methods are simply not suitable mediums of sharing this knowledge with the younger generation.  This can be clearly observed from public schooling all the way through college and university.  Even within computing disciplines, where you would expect significant coverage, there is a major contrast between the curriculum and the skills required to satisfy the software demands within the industry today.

This leads to the problem illustrated, whereby in 2020 we will be facing a $500 billion industry with over 1.4 million job opportunities and only 400,000 graduates available to fill the positions.  That statistic could arguably be expanded within the 400,000 graduates only 50% will actually have the necessary skill set to meet the technical challenges of the opportunities offered.

A lot of a media coverage is growing now around this concept of broadening programming abilities to all walks of life, with websites such as and Codecademy offering tools for learning and promoting the importance of coding as a core skill, however I think this only goes part of the way.  Ultimately the entire education system needs to be revised, in many ways, with one of the key aspects is further expansion and exposure to software and software development skills from a very young age right through to adolescence and beyond.  The creativity of a child can lead to the creation of fascinating illustrations and intriguing stories, so think of the possibilities of combining these creative and imaginative skills with an ability create a small application on a mobile or tablet device, like an iPad, the results I am sure would be quite amazing.

Therefore as parents of the younger generation we should be encouraging learning in this area, our generation and the generation of children growing up in this world have access to so much information that the knowledge required is only a couple of clicks away, so there is really no excuse.   We should refrain from discouraging their natural fascination with new technology and nourish their aspirations to learn, play and ultimately create and make their own ideas a reality.  These are our doctors and scientists of the future, let’s make sure they have the skills today to solve the problems of tomorrow.

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