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Thoughts & Theory

User Experience – how to make it a tool of your trade

It’s become quite a ubiquitous term, but have you ever wondered what we mean when we talk about user experience, or UX? In this blog, our software developer, David McLennan gives you the low-down on this hot topic. Digital technology has proved itself time and again as a window on the world, a means of keeping in touch, working remotely and enjoying virtual experiences when we can’t physically be there. With a multitude of apps and websites...

Source Control & Development Workflows

It's been a while since I have written a technical article on our blog, one which doesn't relate to current business affairs, however one area I am quite particular about when it comes to software development principles is source control.  We refer to source control simply as a form of revision control on our code base which ensures strict control over iterative programming across teams within a software development environment. Without delving too much into the...

Then and Now: Modern Programming

For a long time, professional computer programming was a very select field; an occupation held by only a few who were often stigmatised by popular culture. Everyone knows the stereotype of the basement-dwelling programmer, staring vegetatively at the screen while a Matrix-esque river of code falls. Despite this, this was rarely (if ever) the case. Many a retro computer owner spent an hour or more inputting lines of primitive code into the first home computers,...

Everyone Should Learn To Program

It may seem like a strange statement to make but the notion is becoming more of a reality as technology develops and the entire world becomes reliant on software for all of our business and personal needs.  I believe everyone should learn to program or at least have the knowledge to understand what is possible with modern software in order to develop solutions to solve everyday problems in everyday life. It is alarming how far behind...

To Bespoke Or Not To Bespoke

It’s a question which often comes up during the course of improving business systems, whether to purchase an “off the shelf” solution in the hope that it will satisfy the business requirements or invest in a tailor made solution and hope that it can be completed within a suitable budget and time frame.  Being a software developer you would expect me to favour the bespoke option, however I feel each has it’s place depending on the requirement and subsequent investment required.