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Insiso Ltd, Leadside House, 62 Leadside Road, Aberdeen AB25 1TW

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Our Team

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Insiso are looking for a ninja software developer who can join our in-house software development team in delivering innovative web and mobile applications for our clients. From our perspective an effective developer is one who is able to both analyse, develop and articulate the solution to the stakeholder whilst bringing to the table their own blend of innovation and design where possible. The typical roles and responsibilities of an Insiso Software Developer include: Responsible for development and...

2018 Year In Review

This past year has been quite a significant one for Insiso in terms of our participation in new and exciting projects, as well as the expansion and growth of the existing team. Three new team members have joined the group over the course of the year and each addition has added their own dynamic level of capability and dimension to the existing team. In addition Insiso has continued to work closely with both universities and schools...

The Story So Far

It's a good time to reflect where we came from, what we set out to achieve, where we are now and the direction we are heading towards as an organisation. Insiso was originally set up to be an innovative software development company, using their very latest technology to deliver the most effective software solutions. We have been fortunate enough to participate in projects locally, nationally and internationally across a wide variety of industries from the energy sector...

We Have Moved Offices Again

Yes we have moved offices again! It seems like yesterday since the last move but we are hoping that this will be the resting place for Insiso for the long term.  After reviewing a number of different options the facilities provided by i2 Offices were ideal and the location is dead central on the busiest street in Aberdeen city centre.  Not that we are expecting a lot of footfall, but it helps to be easily...

New Website Launched

Finally after deliberating for quite some time we have launched our new website which sets out a new platform for us to present our company and keep everyone up to date with the daily operations.  Due to the fact that the company has gone through a period of intense project delivery we have been unable to keep our own marketing materials up to date.  My plan is to change all of this for 2014 and get our message out there amongst the rest.

To Bespoke Or Not To Bespoke

It’s a question which often comes up during the course of improving business systems, whether to purchase an “off the shelf” solution in the hope that it will satisfy the business requirements or invest in a tailor made solution and hope that it can be completed within a suitable budget and time frame.  Being a software developer you would expect me to favour the bespoke option, however I feel each has it’s place depending on the requirement and subsequent investment required.